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Wicker is a plant that is cultivated in several parts of Spain. It can reach several metres in length, and be up to several centimetres thick.
The size of wicker for our work varies between 1 and 2.5 metres.
Growth is annual and cutting is in the month of January.
Once cut, the bark is peeled off, which can be done by two methods.

  • Baking. The wicker, after cutting, is tied in bundles and is put into boiling water for 4 hours. After this, the peeling process proceeds using a machine that loosens the bark by beating the wicker with springs. Using this process, and subsequent exposure to the sun, the wicker obtains a buff or mahogany colour with reddish and brown tones.

  • "Empozado". After being cut and tied in bundles as before, the wicker is put into large pools of soil and water that cover about 20 cms. of the trunk.
    It is kept here until May, when the wicker blooms, at which time, and by means of the machining process decribed above, the peeling and drying of the wicker take place.
    Using this process, white or natural wicker is obtained, with a straw tone, so characteristic of wicker.


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