Ctra. Salamanca, s/n. 37338 VILLORUELA (Salamanca) España
Tlf.: 923 35 60 51 - Fax: 923 35 62 47
E-mail: info@laz-mar.com

Artesanía Laz-Mar, S.L. is a Spanish family company formed in 1986, although its founders boast a tradition that goes back several generations

We manufacture and sell items of basketwork, wicker and bamboo furniture. Our quality control process goes right from cultivation and preparation of the raw materials up to finished products. We use a variety of dyes, varnishes and lacquers to adapt our products to all environments. We also carry a range of complements (cushions, glass insets) to offer a finished product for your immediate use or enjoyment.

Our product range includes raw material (wicker in bulk), furniture and complements for home decor, chairs and tables for gardens and the hotel and catering sector. We can also supply upholstery for all models with a wide variety of quality fabrics

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